Unified & Simplified System for Purposeful Discipleship

VecApp simplifies church management with powerful, user-friendly tools, giving churches the power to leverage technology for easier discipleship.

+ 1000 Church community members use VecApp

Church management made simple with our easy-to-use software.

End-to-end ministry in one unified system.
Organized and stress-free ministry with a modern operation.
Intentional and data-driven member discipleship.
User Friendly Interface & Membership Management
  • Seamlessly capture your guest and members data via web and mobile.
  • Import bulk data via web and manage member information via web and mobile.
  • Auto or manually assign follow-up tasks to your follow-up team to manage.
  • Track and report on follow-up task status.
Flexibility & Configuration
  • Configurable fields that provides adaptability to your Church needs.
  • Easy to bring in data from your current systems into VecApp.
Community & Communication
  • Communicate openly with entire Church and solicit responses.
  • Members connect & network socially with other members in the Church.
  • Allow inter and intra volunteer teams’ and member groups’ communication & collaboration.
  • Communicate with individuals, Volunteer teams and member groups via email, chat & In App notifications.
Data Security & Privacy
  • Member determines how key data is shared with entire Church congregation.
  • Leverage role-based permissions to maintain access & security to systems functions.
  • Automatic lockdown of access to Visitors until Admin provides permissions.
Analytics & Reporting
  • Administrators with required permissions can easily view and manage key data.
  • Leaders have access to insightful and dynamic dashboards for decision-making.
  • Manage who needs to have access to reports and analytics.
Customer Support
  • Robust and constantly updated FAQs reflecting trends in customer inquiries and requests.
  • Contact support team in App or via email with prompt responses to inquiries or requests.
  • Access to an engaging community that shares ideas and rub minds to keep ministry going.

VecApp is shaping discipleship in other ministries.

- Testimonials -

"VecApp offers essential church management features that allows us to make informed decision-making and goes beyond with thoughtful features tailored for the 21st Century Church. The team's responsiveness to feedback is a game-changer for us."
Church Leader
RCCG Lighthouse for the Nation

How does it work?

We have designed VecApp to be a comprehensive church management platform designed to support churches at every step of their journey. Starting at $24/Month get access to:
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  • Unlimited number of people / users
  • iOS + Android mobile app
  • Bulk uploading
  • Email support system

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